Home Care

Why choose i-vet mobile vet?

  • Veterinary care in your own home. In a stress-free environment. Animals are more relaxed and show their normal behavior, which helps the diagnosis.
  • No worries for you or your pet about how you’re going to get to the Vet practice.
  • Flexible appointments to meet your time and requirements. Perfect for busy schedules.
  • Relaxed, unrushed time directly with the veterinarian.
  • Consultations are made in your home environment, avoiding the risk of your pet coming into contact with other sick animals.
  • The perfect solution for those with transport difficulties and/or more than one animal.
  • Avoid the trauma and sometimes pain and sickness of traveling to the Vet
  • Online Health record of your pet (Register your pet or Log in)
  • Health Record of your pet.

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